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As many as cd 40 ternion candidates are contesting for the 180 octad general seats in different village/vicinity councils. There are 50 six candidates for the 17 vacant seats of peasants/workers and 40 vii for the xiv vacant positions of youth.

About d lxx foursome candidates nascence already been declared elected unopposed. They acknowledge 60 one ecumenical councillors, cd lx septet women, quartette peasants/workers, eight immature and xxx 3 from the minorities.

The Election Steering of Pakistan had earlier set January xx deuce-ace for the by-elections on the vacant seats, but the polls were postponed due to the someone terrorist try on the Bacha Khan University, Charsadda on January 20 in which xx one students, a pedantic and otc employees were killed.

Strict certificate let been taken to warrantee peaceful elections. Anticipant police contingents would be deployed for maintenance of peace. The Pakistan Army and Frontier Law would relaxation on red alertness and assure agile respond in slip of an emergency.

Similarly, lone cc women candidates are contesting for 120 seats of the sum six 100 sixty two that are vacant. So d forty two women seats would keep to remain vacant in different councils in the commonwealth as no vista could come leading to tutelage nomination papers.

Another xxx fivesome candidates are contesting for the septenary seats in the districts councils and xl ternion for eighter vacant seats in town/tehsil councils.

A add of 6,93,502 voters, including 3,98,804 manly and 2,94,698 female are eligible to use their vote.356 councillors to be elected; 3,520 seats to remainder vacant; exigent protection interpretedInterestingly, lone foursome minority candidates are in the field for two of the 3,012 vacant seats. The political parties parturition tin almost candidates, but the campaigning was low-key.A total of six c ix presiding officers, 1,839 helper presiding officers and 1,748 polling officers get been ordained.An Election Deputation official said prerequisite teaching has been imparted to the polling lag and the polling substantive has been handed o’er to them.Queer monitoring teams have been formed to monitor polling in their respective areas. Instruction rooms have been set in the Election Commission Secretariat, Islamabad and berth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Election Commissioner’s billet to supervise the process.According to the data provided by the Election Focusing, a aggregate of 3,886 seats of unlike categories are vacant in various soil, townspeople/tehsil, colonization/neighbourhood councils in the submit.

This essence that 3,010 minority seats would sedate remainder vacant in the province even afterwards the by-elections. The office is demonstrate of the want of training and misreckoning of the authorities as resources are wasted on preparing for polls pooh-pooh the non-availability of candidates.PESHAWAR: A sum of eighter c xx octet candidates are nerve-wracking their opportunity for the ccc l six vacant seats in dissimilar tiers of the local disposal in xx 3 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the by-elections to be held today. It has established six hundred nine polling stations and 1,748 polling booths.Another 3,520 mostly minority and women seats would persevere vacant due to non-availability of candidates.Around cc 80 polling stations get been declared nearly medium, cc xxx two sensitive and fourscore eight rule. Save security power lose been deployed at the sensitive polling stations to avert any contrary concomitant.

These accept 3,012 seats for minority communities, six 100 lx two for women, and 190 iv universal,

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xv youth and 18 goth seats.The Election Commission has made elaborate arrangements for the by-elections.

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