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The trailer’s imaging shows a kind of partly-realistic, partly-fantasy sea creatures.  Effervescent and swirling audio effects and a tardily edifice melodic soundscape company the creatures, showcasing the hf lucidness and musicalness of QSC signaling processing, index amplifiers, and loudspeakers.  As the score ascends, a gigantic whale-like brute appears from the depths attended by a low-frequency growl from the QSC subwoofers, and with a abstract of its brobdingnagian quarter, reveals the QSC logotype in a shower of h2o bubbles.  The uncomplicated yet bluff tagline “Now You Learn Us” appears, announcing to the consultation that they are hearing to a QSC scheme.

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“Underwater Symphony” features full-of-the-moon vivification and an pilot soundtrack. For simulacrum yield, QSC selected Notional Forces, a originative studio and good avail output troupe specializing in stigmatization contentedness for commercial-grade advertisement, digital and interactional platforms, boast films and cinema selling, tv, architectural spaces and world brands.

“Many dramatics owners are rather pleased the fact that they bear invested in a QSC Film voice arrangement, and they wishing to portion this fact with their patrons,” says Barry Ferrell, Elderly V.p. and Gaffer Scheme Policeman for QSC. “In fact, our customers get been request for a QSC dawdler for a numeral of eld. We are exceedingly well-chosen to be capable to lastly render it to them.”
The new QSC prevue, entitled “Underwater Symphony”, is useable as a DCP (Digital Film Packet) in 4k solving, both Range and Matte.  Initially, 5.1 and 7.1 sound formats testament be useable; versions with immersive formats testament too offered in the approach next.
QSC is pleased to foretell the availableness of the low QSC celluloid drone, which testament be provided free-of-charge to theatres weaponed with over QSC Film fathom systems. “Underwater Symphony” is now available for download from our site, and is presently beingness distributed to QSC theatres some the man.Sound calibre was manifestly a top anteriority during the yield treat.  For the soundtrack initiation, QSC chose MarcoCo, a euphony product accompany run by Marco and Terri d’Ambrosio based in northerly California.  The soundtrack was amply orchestrated and recorded at Skywalker Voice.  Mix was through at The Dub Level, an LA-area post-production theatre.

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