President: Robert Griffin

Vice President: Jim Crick

Secretary: Suzanne Churchwell

Treasurer: Rhonda Burnette

Fair Manager: Suzanne Holcomb

Janet Aversa

James Crick

Mike Davis

Robert Der

Mary Der

Jason Fernandez

Gene Holcomb

Myesha Johnson

Donnie Johnson

Mike McKinney

Greg Messick

George Parker

Jake Raburn

Randy Sears

Joseph Sweat

Gina Trejo

Gary Tripp

Betty Jo Tompkins

Tyler Trussel

Aimee Carter

Danny Smith

Fairs are an American tradition dating back to the independence of this country. Fairs play an important role in showcasing the agricultural, educational and industrial history and social fabric of a community. In 1990 a new dedicated group of citizens decided to bring back the traditions of a county fair and formed The Greater Hillsborough County Fair Association, Inc.

Initial Fairs were held on the grounds of the Florida State Fair and the next seven fairs were held on the grounds of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.
The fair transitioned from a tenant at Raymond James Stadium to an operational Fairgrounds. Livestock Shows only were held in 2007 and 2008. The Fair with a ride midway, entertainment, competitive exhibits and livestock shows returned in 2009. The five day fair was successful and has grown every year.

In 2011 spectator events were held in the new 1800 seat arena for the first time and patrons attended two nights of Ranch Rodeo in addition to other Fair events. 2013 saw the completion of a 20,000 square foot multi­-use building with new restrooms featuring hands free washing and drying accommodations. A portion of the Livestock Program could now be housed under the building and the Family Living entries previously displayed under a tent were moved into the building.

2014 saw the largest expansion of the Fair program in a single year on the new site. The five day event was expanded to eleven days encompassing two weekends. Livestock Shows were spread between the weekends and alleviated the overcrowding. The Fair operated Thursday through Sunday each weekend. The first weekend featured two nights of Ranch Rodeo and a Mexican Rodeo in the arena. The second weekend of arena events hosted a Bulls and Barrels Rodeo, Truck and Tractor Pull and finished the last day with a Demolition Derby. A host of other events were also held – Talent Shows, Battle of the Bands, Harvest Queen Scholarship Contest, Livestock Shows, Baby Pageants, Arts, Photography and a Hay Bale Decorating Contest honoring our “Hometown Heroes”.

The Greater Hillsborough County Fair focuses on family fair tradition in Hillsborough County. We know that importance of providing wholesome family fun rooted in many years of tradition that are a large part of our county fair. With a variety of free entertainment, events and community competitions and a family fun Midway, our county fairs offers something for everyone!