Creative Crafting is open to Middle School, Secondary & Adult Divisions only.  Primary and Elementary are entered under “Just For Kids”.  Exhibitors may enter one item per lot.  We cannot guarantee an electrical outlet for wired items.  No entry fee is required.

Best of Show

Best of Show awards will be given at the discretion of the judges. Best of Show awards must go above and beyond the standard level of craftsmanship and may not be awarded per class/per lot.

Best of Show……………………..Rosette and $25.00

Awards Per Lot/Per Division

1st Place……Blue Ribbon

2nd Place….. Red Ribbon

3rd Place…..White Ribbon

CLASS    160                   WOODCRAFTING
1.  Train Set 6.  Rocking Animals
2.  Doll Houses 7.  Rocking Chairs
3.  Small Toys (cars, trucks etc.) 8.  Woodcarving
4.  Christmas Items 9.  Wood turnings (bowls, etc.)
(deer, tree, angel, etc.) 10.  Theme-based item
5.  Room Accessories                            11.  Article Not Listed

No entry may be larger than 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft.

CLASS     170                  CERAMICS


  1. Airbrush                                 Brushwork
  2. Stains                                      Miscellaneous – Kiln fired only
  3. Glaze                                       Theme-based item
  4. Underglaze                             Article Not Listed
  5. Over
CLASS     180         GLASS CRAFTING


  1. Table Lamps
  2. Sun Catchers
  3. Holiday Items
  4. Boxes and other 3-D Items
  5. Small Flat Panels
    (Capable of hanging in a window)
  6. Original Design
  7. Fused glass
  8. Theme-based item
  9. Article Not Listed

NOTE:  All LEGO and/or brick art MUST be submitted on a LEGO mat or attached to a hard surface for display purposes A photo submitted with entry is appreciated.

CLASS     185         3D ART


  1. Sculpture
  2. Brick art – original design (like Lego®)
  3. Brick kit (like Lego®)
  4. Models (ex. Planes, cars, motorcycles)
  5. Theme-based item
  6. Article Not Listed