Red Schoolhouse Exhibit:
Dedicated to Dr. Earl Lennard

The Hillsborough County Public School System will feature the exceptional artwork of our ESE students this year in the Red School House. We hope you take a moment to enjoy their artwork!

Play With Giants:

Play with Giants incorporates ag education in fun & subtle ways. Guests learn about everything from root vegetables, to where cuts of meat come from in this fun and interactive activity center. Our puzzle center is built entirely around your state. It features a large full-color backdrop as well as three handmade puzzles of ag products.


It’s easy to think with brightly colored games that Play with Giants is “just for the kids.” But the truth is visitors of all ages enjoy playing the games!

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Super Plant Auction:

Farmer Sydney’s Corner:

Thursday 11/2:

7pm – Fall Salt Crystal Leaves

8pm – Play with Legos

Friday 11/3:

7pm – Making Butter

8pm – Coloring pages

Saturday 11/4:

Noon – Team Marshmellow Challenge

3pm – Rock paint or Small pumpkin painting

5pm – 3×3 Cube challenge

7pm – Make your own Hyroponics

Sunday 11/5:

1pm – 30 min lego challenge (3 age groups 5-7, 8-10, 11-17)

4pm – make your own Fall Slime

6pm – Play with Legos

Monday 11/6:

6pm – Making Butter

8pm – coloring pages

Tuesday 11/7:

6pm – Make your own Hydroponics

8pm – Build your own trail mix

Wednesday 11/8:

6pm – Fall Salt crystal leaves

8pm – Coloring pages

Thursday 11/9:

6pm – make your own fall slime

8pm – Play with Legos

Friday 11/10:

3pm – 3×3 cube challenge

5pm – Cupcake Decorating

7pm – 30 min lego challenge

Saturday 11/11:

Noon – Pumpkin Painting

3pm – make your own fall slime

5pm – Team Marshmellow Challenge

7pm – Build your own trail mix

Sunday 11/12:

1pm – 3×3 cube challenge

4pm – Make your own hydroponics

6pm – 30 min lego challenge (play with legos)

Agriculture Education – Farmer Sydney’s Barn:


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Farmer Sydney:o

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