General Information

Pre-registered entrants will receive one free admission ticket to the fair (per person not per item).

  1. To preregister your entry:
  2. Online Entry by September 1, 2021 at:
    Mail your completed, signed exhibitors’ entry form received by September 1, 2021 to:
    Hillsborough County Fair
    Arts & Crafts
    PO Box 100
    Sydney, FL 33587

All entries must be hand delivered to the fairgrounds one of the following times:
Friday, September 17 from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday, September 18 from 2:pm to 6 pm.

Due to Covid-19: Baked goods will just be a recipe card and a photo of the completed project
and will be accepted during both entry delivery times. We will not have judges tasting the
baked goods this year.

The fair will not assume responsibility for returning such items as boxes, hangers or
clothing bags delivered with items.

If entry form has not been pre-registered either online or mailed in, entries must be
accompanied by a completed entry form.

Release of Entries

  • Articles entered must be picked up from the fairgrounds on Monday, October 4, between 10 am and 6 pm
  • Articles being exhibited will not be released before the close of the fair.
  • Items not picked up during the specified date and time will become the property of the Hillsborough County Fair.
  • All baked goods will be discarded at the end of the first week of the fair.
  • All premium monies and ribbons will be issued upon release of entries.
    Best of Show winners may have the opportunity to showcase their entries at the Brandon Library. Best of Show winners will be notified by the Hillsborough County Arts & Crafts Committee to be given instructions on item display and pickup.


While all reasonable security will be taken, all entries are submitted at the risk of the exhibitor. With our new building, there is much improved security including doors which are locked during non-fair times and air conditioning to aid in the protection of exhibits. However, no claims for.injury to any person or damage or loss of any property because of fire, theft or any other crime, shall be made against the Greater Hillsborough County Fair Inc., its officers or agents by or on behalf of the exhibitors.


  • Awards will be given on a merit basis as per the Danish system.
  • All judges will be qualified.
  • The decision of the judges is final.
  • Consideration of judging will be given to appearance, design, technique, workmanship and finishing.
  • Ribbons and/or Premiums will be paid based on the Judge’s scoring.
  • Judging results will not be given over the phone.


  • This show is designed for work of amateur artists within Hillsborough County. (An amateur is one who does not receive the major part of his or her income from the sale of his or her art. Visual Arts eligibility on first page of Visual Arts information.)
  • No entry fee is required.
  • All articles entered must have been completed within the last year.
  • Exhibitors may enter one article in each lot which is open to their age group. Exception: Food Preservation – see Food Preservation department page for details.
  • All articles must be clean and must be the handiwork of the person entering the item.
  • Entries are restricted to those that are a Hillsborough County resident OR are enrolled in a Hillsborough County School (public, private, homeschool, etc.) OR are a member of a Hillsborough County 4-H extension or FFA Chapter.

Entry Specifics

  • All decisions affecting this competition and interpretation of its rules are vested in the Greater Hillsborough County Fair.
  • All articles entered will be displayed at the discretion of the Greater Hillsborough County Fair.
  • No changes may be made to any entry after it is received.
  • Each entry must be registered in its proper department, class, lot and age level. The Greater
    Hillsborough County Fair reserves the right to place any wrongfully registered entry into the
    proper category.
  • Original design is defined as a modified pattern; changed stitches or elements from original pattern
  • This year’s Fair Theme is “From Wagon Wheels to Ferris Wheels”. Any item fitting that description may be entered in this new lot.

For any other questions, please contact: Chassity White – Competitive Events Director at or 813-737-3247 (fair office) or

Chassity White 813-955-9802 (cell) 9AM – 6PM ONLY!