The World of Cooking is open to Middle School, Secondary and Adult Divisions only.  Exhibitors may enter one item per lot.  No entry fee is required.

Best of Show

Best of Show awards will be given at the discretion of the judges. Best of Show awards must go above and beyond the standard level of craftsmanship and may not be awarded per class/per lot.

Best of Show ……………….…Rosette and $25.00

Awards Per Lot/Per Division 

1st Place…….…. Blue Ribbon

2nd Place………. Red Ribbon

3rd Place……….. White Ribbon

Exhibitors may enter three (3) distinctive entries in each lot.



  1. Dehydrated                                       Marmalades
  2. Meat                                                   Butter/Jams
  3. Vegetables                                     Sweet Spreads
  4. Fruit                                                 Pickles, Relish and Salsa
  5. Juice (Fruit or Vegetable)             Tomatoes
  6. Vinegar                                      Article not listed
  7. Jellies

NOTE:  Consideration in judging will be given to appearance, design, technique, workmanship and finishing

NOTE:  Entries must consist of two (2) jars of the same product.  Jars must be clean, rings and lids should be free of rust.  Regulation jars only…. No other jars will be accepted.  Please do not decorate the jar or otherwise obscure the product. Recipe and processing method must be attached to product on 4 x 6 index card and must be typed or printed.  All food must be prepared according to USDA recommended methods and placed in regulation canning jars filled to appropriate level.  NO PARAFFIN.  All recipes will be the property of the fair after submitted.  Items must have been canned within the last twelve (12) months.  Jellies, jams and other sweet preserves (except reduced sugar products) will be tasted as part of judging.  All entries will be returned to exhibitor.

CLASS     330       Baking

Baking Competition is open to Elementary (Gr. 1-5),   Middle School (Gr. 6-8), Secondary, (Gr. 9-12) and Adult Divisions.  Exhibitors may enter one item per lot.  No entry fee is required.


  1. Breads             Two-Crust Fruit Pies           7. Whole Grain Items
  2. Cakes               Candies                                   8. Citrus Items
  3. Cookies            Any Modified Recipe           9. Article not listed

Consideration in judging shall be given to texture, color,  flavor and general appearance.                                                     


  • No mixes may be used. Entry must be accompanied by the recipe on a 4×6 card and must be either typed or printed.  The recipe must be complete showing all ingredients used, as well as the method of preparation.  (Name and address of the exhibitor must appear on the reverse side.)                    
  • Entry will consist of one of cake, pie, bread or other single item. Cookies and candy entries must consist of six (6) pieces.  All entries must be entered on disposable containers and placed in a plastic bag. (Ziploc preferred).  All recipes become the property of the Greater Hillsborough County Fair.
  • Entries that require refrigeration will not be accepted.
  • Modified Recipe Competition – Lot # 6: Entry must have the original recipe on one 4×6 card and the modified recipe on another 4×6 card.  Custard-based pies, cakes and items containing custards will not be accepted.
CLASS     350       Cake Decorating

Baking Competition is open to Elementary (Gr. 1-5),   Middle School (Gr. 6-8), Secondary, (Gr. 9-12) and Adult Divisions.  Exhibitors may enter one item per lot, except for cupcakes in which you must enter no less than 3 and no more than 6.  No entry fee is required.

1. Character                         4. Fun                          7. Theme
2. Formal                              5. Baby                       8. Article not listed
3. Holiday                             6. Sports

All cake or cupcake entries must be made with Styrofoam dummies or cake substitutes. Cakes can be single or multiple layers and may include decorations, such as, ribbons, photos, columns, supports, wires, stamens and more but only as embellishments and cannot make up the majority of the decoration. All entries must be the handiwork of the entrant.

*Consideration in judging shall be given to creativity, originality, skill, technique,  neatness and overall appearance.